Nokia 5800 Appears In Katy Perry’s New Music Video

2. June 2009 at 12:49

Katy Pery’s new music video for the song “Waking Up In Vegas” has a nice little surprise for Nokia fans as the music video features the ever popular Nokia 5800 XpressMusic edition mobile phone and unlike the previous music video “Hot and cold” where the Nokia N96 made a small appearence, the nokia 5800 features a rather large appearance in this music video.

Within 40 Seconds of the video starting you see katy perry listening to her own song “waking up in vegas” using the nokia headphones that come with the 5800, the camera adjusts and then you see the 5800 phone, see then moves her hand and presses play(or pause) on the device. The second sighting in this video is around the 1minute 30 second mark where she is driving her car, camera adjusts and clearly shows the 5800 device and yet again she presses play or pause to listen to her music.

abit of publicity for nokia maybe? – im not sure as just like in her previous video “Hot and Cold” the logos on the 5800, which are “Nokia” and “XpressMusic” are blurred / blacked out maybe to avoid being sued by Nokia perhaps im not sure. You can check out the full music video (and in HD) here.