Interview: Michael Hell

2. August 2007 at 15:54

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Today I interview BeerBong from Symbian-freak forums and from the nokian-blog.

So,tell me something about your person.(age,hobby etc.)
> Okayyyy .. Hello everyone, this is Michael, 23 years old, from Austria (which is in the Center of Europe!). I’m a relaxed personality, always up for new Experiences! In the little Spare Time that’s left from my Dayjob (i’m working in a non-phone related Office for an Austrian Company that sells Building and Insulation Materials) you can find me in front of my Laptop, blogging and hanging around in different Forums, watching Movies and DVDs, meeting with Friends, going to Cinemas, Concerts, skateboarding .. and i think the most important Spare Time Passion is Music, to be exactly fast and melodic Punkrock from all over the World, my Life couldn’t go without Music!

How do you came to the mobile and S60 scene?

> Like everyone else i guess hehe .. I had my first Phone at the Age of .. 15 i believe, it was that yellow Brick called Alcatel One Touch Easy!! 😀 My first S60 Phone was the Nokia 6630, i had some older ones too, but the very first One has been the 6330! I used the Phone some Time, discovering the great Possibilites like Multitasking, which i’ve never seen before (i didn’t have internet yet at that time). When I finally got Internet at Home i tried to find some Mobile Themes for my 6630, and i can remember that i discovered a Screenshot with modded Fonts. Immediately in Love with it, i did some research and finally landed on Symbian Freak! This was actually the first Forum i’ve ever registered and i’m still addicted to it! Well yeah, Time went by and i read and registered a lot of other Forums and Blogs, but Symbian Freak will be my Home, no Matter what happens ..

Tell us something about your experience at CES.
> wow CES .. where should i start ..
It was my Opportunity of a Lifetime i’d say .. I remember NEARLY trashing the Mail i received from WOM World, cause i thought it was Spam!! But yeah, it wasn’t Fake and it was simply unbelievable, although i was nervous like Hell! First Time alone abroad, First Time in an Airplane (and i had nearly 23h to fly), First Time in an english-speaking Country etc etc .. But it turned out to be without Problems after all and i enjoyed the Days i’ve spent with that awesome Guys in the beautiful Las Vegas! Our Crew was: Frank, Mike and Donna from the WOM World Team, Reggie from the Internet Tablet Talk, Rafe Blandford from All About Symbian, Mobile Burn’s Jay (Jose_R.A.M), Darla Mack, Dan from Today on 3G, Travis Boss (Acid Studioz and Howard Forums), Anssi Hautabacka from the Finnish Matkapuhelinfoorumi and Anssi Mäkelä from Nokia! (And i wish i knew about Stefan’s Presence earlier, so i could have a beer with em :D)
Anyway .. CES turned out to be Wonderland for me, so much cool Stuff, and i didn’t even see everything, we had a quite tight Time Plan but who cares!! The most impressive Stuff has been the Nokia Tent of Course, all the Phones you only know from the Internet IN YOUR HANDS, the fully packed Nokia Mustang, it really was like a Dream coming true!

Why did you start blogging?

> Independence .. You can post nearly everything on Forums, but sometimes i feel like i wanna write about Stuff, which doesn’t belongs to SF, I wanna advertise great Work of other Bloggers/Forums etc .. Blogging is something really different, i requires much more Time, much more Motivation, but i really love it! Blogging for me means total Freedom, sharing Opinions and Storys with my Readers .. That why i started and LOVE Blogging on my NOKIAN Blog!

Do you have a idol?

> Idols? – NO! Friends? – YES! …
Of course i got People i’m looking up to, Guys like Steve Litchfield, Rafe Blandford, Symbian Freaks Apocalypso, Ex-Ring Nokia/Intomobile’s Stefan Constantinescu, but i prefer to call them Friends, which i can learn from .. 😉

What was your first S60 phone and which device do you have at the moment?
> As i said above .. My very first S60 Phone has been the Nokia 6630, which made me fell in Love with the S60 OS! I wanna mention my Nokia 6680 here too, which was a fully modded package i think lol .. New Custom Airbrushed Cover with Temperature Sensitivity, 2nd Cover with Flip Flop Colour Changing Paint, Changed OP Logo, Changed Fonts fully packed with all neccessary Applications, Changed LEDs for a 2-Tone Keypad Light etc etc ..
I’m currently using a Nokia N76 in Black, a Nokia E70 in silver and a Nokia 6630! Next Mobile will be the Nokia N95 again .. 😉

What do you like most about S60?

> The Best about the S60 OS? Everything .. Copy/Paste, Multitasking, the Gazillions of Applications and Games, which are way better than that crappy Java Programs .. One of the Things I loved about S60 2nd Edition has been the Possibility to mod everything, like Fonts, Operator Logos etc. also it has been easier to develope Applications on 2nd Edition, there has been tons of more Possibilities..

Where should S60 make improves?

> One Thing I wanna see in the nearest Future is a full Access to the System Folders again .. I miss the good old Days so much! This would give our Developers so much more Possibilites again, I mean back in the 2nd Edition Days, we had Tons of Possibilites but the Hardware wasn’t that good – Now we have powerful Smartphone Beasts, but are restricted – this sucks!

Now a question you miss and you want to answer?

> I think I miss, but most of all I wanna answer this Question:

Why is it called the NOKIAN Blog? What’s the N at the End?

NOKIAN in my Case consists of 2 Words:
NOKia and symbIAN! Simple but effective 😀

Last but not least I wanna take the Opportunity and say Thank You to a few People who teached and supported me, and last but not least believed in me:

Teo aka Apocalypso: Thank you for having me in the Community!!
The whole WOM World Team, Marty3, the whole Nseries Group of CES 2007, Stefan Constantinescu, Rita El Khoury, Tarek from Symbiano-Tek, lil_chief from, you Norman, etc etc … and last but not least: All my Nokian Blog Readers!