Firmware Update available for Nokia E75 to v110.48.125

8. June 2009 at 22:19


The Nokia E75 is on the market for almost three months now and finally it received a firmware update to v.110.48.125. As the E75 features UDP (User Date Preservation) all data stays on your device and you don’t need to be afraid of loosing your data. You can update your E75 over the air or via the Nokia Software Updater. To use the Over The Air function type *#0000* on the idle screen, select options and than check for updates.

Yet there aren’t many changes know which the 6MB updade is causing. However, the general speed has been improved as well as the usual bug fixes. However, unfortunately version 110.48.125 removed the turning and tapping control so that you cannot turn your phone face down to silence an incoming call or alarm. More over the Email client have upgrade to v2.0.5. As soon as we do have further changes we will update this post.

Source: ZOMG its Cj