News Flash: Nokia N97, Dance Fabulous, N86 8MP and more

12. June 2009 at 16:30

Let’s catch up with some news. First of all the Nokia N86 8MP is now shipping globally. Then, Dance Fabulous, the first party N-Gage game is available for all N-Gage supported devices. Last but not least the Nokia N97 is available in the US.

nokia-n86-8mp-bb.jpgNokia N86 8MP:

Nokia’s best mobile imaging device, the Nokia N86 8MP, which earlier this year won the prestigious TIPA Award for the Best Mobile Imaging Device in 2009, is now shipping globally.

The device features variable aperture, which results in vibrant photos even in challenging bright and low-light conditions. The fast mechanical shutter and Automatic Motion Blur Reduction ensure shorter latencies and less motion blur. Processing times between pictures have been more than halved in comparison with many other camera phones.

Uploading pictures and videos on social networking sites like Ovi Share and Flickr is fast and simple with high-speed connectivity of the Nokia N86 8MP. 8GB of internal memory provides enough space for up to 4000 photos and the memory can be increased even further with an exchangeable 16GB microSD card.

Charlie from Nokia Conversations took the N86 8MP out to Helsinki and shot some pictures and video. Head over to take a look at the video.

Dance Fabulous:

As some commenters have pointed out in the earlierthreads related to Dance Fabulous, the first party N-Gage dancing game is now available for download through your N-Gage application.Visit the Showroom tab, click ‘Update Now’ and check the latest games list. The game page is also now live on the Website. The free trial will appear on the Website game page within the next 24 hours, for those who would rather download it that way.

Your music makes you move. Pick your tune. Pick your style. Pick your location. Pick Dance Fabulous! Dance Fabulous is all about your music and your style. Dance along to your own music library, create your own unique dance moves, and boost your music experience to a totally new level! Dance Fabulous features North American singer Cindy Gomez, with five of her songs and motion-captured dance moves.

You’ll have a real-life digital pop star in your pocket! Download more tracks for your game from the Nokia Music Store. To learn more visit N97:

The long-awaited Nokia N97 started shipping to 75 countries last week, and it appears as though some of those shipments were headed stateside. We’ve just gotten word that the U.S. Nokia Flagship stores in New York City and Chicago have received their shipments of the touchscreen smartphone, ready to sell to you readers out there.

Pricing is set at the expected $699.99, which is a bit pricey, though considering the mind-numbing number of features  on this thing, maybe it’s not quite so bad.