N95: All in one device?

2. August 2007 at 18:00

Today we packed our bags for our vacation in Croatia. We packed all what is necessary. Than I saw the stuff my dad and my brother packed – a bundle of electronics, everything you need for vacation.

A digital camera, a mp3 player, a PDA, a cellphone and a Gameboy.

In the moment when I saw it, I began to laugh. I said that I have one device that has the same functionality like this 5 devices. My dad answered, that it can do this things but not so good like each of them. I want to make a short test where I check if the N95 can replace each device.

N95 vs …

Both devices, N95 and the camera, have 5 megapixel. However, how you can see the lense of the digitalcamera is bigger than the lense of the N95. Therefore the pictures from the camera are a lot better.

Winner: Camera

Do you remember Super Mario or Tetris? My brother plays all this games on his Game Boy. So, is it really necessary to have a Gameboy? No, most of the games that are available for the Game Boy are also available for the N95. Besides a lot games for the N95 are better and for free.

Winner: N95

That’s a difficult topic. The quality of the Mp3-player is a lot better, but if you bear in mind that the N95 can sent and receive musicfiles and playback the music over the loud speakers. So, the N95 is as good as the Mp3-player.

Winner: N95 and Mp3-player

The N95 has all function the PDA has. The only difference between them is the operation system and the fact that the PDA has a touchscreen. So, it depend on what you prefer – Symbian or Windows.

Winner: N95 and PDA

Is it necessary to have a second cellphone when you have a N95? Yes and no. If you have a separate-battery, you don’t need it, but if you haven’t a separate-battery it’s better to have a second cellphone because the battery-life of the N95 is really short.

Winner: Mobile
All in all, the N95 can replace all this devices, but most of the devices do their jobs better than the N95. However, the N95 is a small and great device that is really useable for a vacation.