Nokia N81 8GB – Star Wars N-Gage Edition Unboxing

11. June 2009 at 22:38

Majority of people know what a Nokia N81 (8GB Version) looks and feels like as 2 years ago it was the talk of the town with its nice 8GB HDD, 3.2 Megapixel Camera, Mini-Jack for standard headphones and one of the “main” phones for N-Gage gaming.  Well this N81 is slightly different as its the Limited Edition Star Wars version, and this is what it looks like.

A few months ago i (Emo185) won the “Star Wars N-Gage Trivia” tournament, where first prize was a limited edition N81 with star wars effects on it. There is only 10 of these phones (or back-covers) available and i have got 1 of them so i thought id show you guys what it looks like.

These pictures were taken on a Panasonic DMC-FS3 Digital Camera and to view the full set of images click here.

The phone is just a normal N81 except the back cover has got the “Star Wars Force Unleashed” game logo and “N-Gage” Logo imprinted onto it, but since i like star wars and n-gage it is a perfect fit for me, i havent turned it on as i want do not want to use it, so it could have other star wars goodies installed on the phone. Enjoy the pictures!