Nokia N97 Presale in Words, Pictures and Video

20. June 2009 at 10:47

DSCF0285 by you.

On June 18th, two days ago, in four German Nokia shops there was the opportunity to buy a Nokia N97. Each shop had a limited amount of 50 devices which were all white unfortunately. The presale started at 5pm and already half an hour before a couple of customers came along to be one of the first to get the N97.


In front of the mal there was standing a N97 fan club which was supposed to attract attention. Of course this was all set up by Nokia but unfortunately they didn’t done a good job as they were standing around unmotivated and they didn’t interacted with people passing by. Inside the store there was just one person demonstrating the device. He was really busy demonstrating so I think two people demonstrating the device would be better.


Everybody who bought a N97 also got a cool shirt saying I love N97. Talking with some of the person who just bought the N97 said they bought it due to the huge touch screen, internet and the full qwerty-keyboard. Compared to the presale in London or to the Apple iPhone launch event this presale wasn’t that special . No people lining up, no N97 branding or augmented N97 in the window.


Well, Nokia tried to make it special by having security bringing the N97 into the store. Nokia’s team was really kind and open for any question what I really appreciated. All in all Nokia tried their best but unfortunately they didn’t delivered.

A short video:

Further pictures: