GraphViewer, PC Remote and more added to the Download Section

20. June 2009 at 19:00

Screenshot0003 by you.Screenshot0002 by you.

Our huge download section increases almost every day. For all you owning a Nokia N97, 5800 XpressMusic or a Samsung i8910 Omnia HD we are offering you a huge spectrum of freeware applications. Recently we added GraphViewer and PC Remote. GraphViewer is a  graphical calculator that allows you to plot equations using the build-in functions, calculate its derivate, show a table with the functions critical points and even many more features. As the name already tells, PC Remote is a handy application which enables you to use the directional keys and page-down/page-up keys. So you can control presentations or pictures on your computer via Bluetooth. Actually it’s not as powerful as SmartTouch but it’s fine. If you want to download further application visit the download section.