The 4 most important things

14. April 2007 at 12:00

Summer time is vacationtime .And also many people with their Smartphone drive this year into the vacation .Therefore I considered myself the 4 most important things for a successful vacation with the N95 .

The 4 most important things:


On the drive you want to play with the N95, hear music or navigate.All this empties the battery fast out. Therefore an autobattery charger is indispensable.

2.Large microSD memory card:

The 5 megapixels camera of the N95 make large photos, which bring the memory card fast to the limit.
addition you want to hear your favourite music at the beach. Therefore need you a large memory card.

3.SU-8W Bluetoothkeyboard

Mobilefreaks or blogger must write also in the vacation their reports and enamels. An article of the 4000 indications enclosure to write only with the keyboard of the N95 is very laborious. More simply and faster it goes with the SU-8W.


At the end of the day you want to show the pictures or videos you shot to your frieds or family.But the display of the N95 is too small for a slideshow.Fortunately there is the Tv-Out function,i allows you to show pictures and videos to a large public. Stupid if the television in the hotel has noTV-out connection.What to do?You need a skartadapter,because nearly each old television has a skartconnectio.