The Nokia Music Store hits Poland

26. June 2009 at 12:07

File:Flag of Poland (bordered).svgFinally the Nokia Music Store is available in Poland. From now on the folks in Poland can download music via their Nokia handset or via the PC.

The Nokia Music Store is now available in Poland. On music fans can buy their favourite tracks and albums from the Nokia Music Store, choosing from over 4.5 million tracks (about 400 000 CDs) by Polish and international artists representing all music genres. The music is provided by major and independent labels, and includes a special exclusive offer to buy Moby’s latest album, or download David Guetta’s “When love takes over” music single, before they are widely available.

Nokia Music Store is an online, easy-to-navigate music store that lets you browse and buy music, using recommendations and searching your favourite artists, tracks, or albums directly. Use the Internet connectivity in your phone, log on to (or click to the Nokia Music Store’s icon in your mobile) and enjoy access to the entire NMS music collection. The Nokia Music PC software helps you organise and transfer music between your PC and a compatible device, but also discover, play and download music directly from Nokia Music Store. The Nokia Music for PC is available at Nokia Music Store, on and on CDs provided with Nokia mobile devices.

Music at Nokia Music Store can be bought with credit cards and pre-paid vouchers. A single track costs PLN 3.49 and an entire album costs PLN 34.9. Store users can listen to a 30-second clip before buying any track.

Source: ZOMG its Cj