[Updated] Nokia E71, E66 & E51 receive firmware updates

3. July 2009 at 12:07

EseriesIt seams to be a good week for Nokia owners as this time the Nokia Eseries range receive firmware updates. Firmware v300.21.012 is now available through Nokia Software Updater for both the Nokia E71 and E66. Considering these devices were on firmware version 210.21.006 we can expect a substantial update. The E51 also received an update earlier this week to version 400.34.011. Unfortunately no changelogs have been released on any of these updates so please comment on changes you experience.

Also remember that the E71 and E66 do not update via FOTA and therefore do not support UDP (user data preservation), so please make sure you have fully backed up your devices through either Nokia PC Suite or Ovi Suite.

Source: AAS

***UPDATE – After installing the new firmware on my E71 I found that in the media folder I have My Space, Facebook and Youtube widget links pre-installed. This is quite good that Nokia are including some guidance for users on softwares in the firmwares however what I can’t understand is where is Ovi Store, Maps and Sports Tracker. Also I used to get a lot of lag when exiting applications, which seems to have gone. You found anything new?