Black or White Nokia N97? Issues I have with the white N97

20. July 2009 at 11:00

No doubt, the Nokia N97 is one of the best built N-Series device we’ve seen so far. However, there are still some issues with the built quality and the materials which should be fixed as soon as possible. These issues I talk about occur only in some versions of the white N97. Nokia have been offering white variants on many handsets and it has become a more appealing option for many consumers as it looks quite classy and different. However, does this eye candy come at a price? I really recommend anyone in the market for any new device with these color variants, especially the N97 and the N86, to hop on  and read this article before making a decision.

DSCF0838 by you.

After a week of usage I’ve noticed that the d-pad changed its colour and turned slightly creamy yellow. I think that this looks really ugly and not that gallant as a brand new N97.


The back has also changed from its original white colour and is now rather yellow. This isn’t that noticeable but if you hold a brand new N97 next to a used N97 you will see the difference. The materials used have been well thought out, and the choice of a non-glossy back cover is something I am a fan of, however this will now pose new challenges for hardware developers and black might just be the safest option for the time being. Furthermore, Jay from My Nokia Blog mentions how dust and dirt is more visible on the device despite cleaning it. However I personally haven’t noticed this yet.

More over, there are some problems which may also affect the black version. These are specific hardware problems I had with the N97. Some users of the white N97 also have had the same problems, others don’t. It seems that there are different versions of the white Nokia N97.

The battery cover, next to the slide-lock, is a little bit loose and not as tight as it should be. You really can feel/hear it when pressing the battery cover slightly down. This is really annoying for me.

DSCF0842 by you.

Furthermore, the paint behind the rim of the N97’s screen has also stared to peel. Albeit I have had my N97 for three weeks now and the paint is already peeling.

As you can tell, there are many reasons why you should go for the black version of the Nokia N97. In the end it all depends on the user’s personal preferences. We have no official word from Nokia yet, but we’re waiting eagerly to see what they have to say. So make sure you stay tuned and add SymbianWorld to your RSS readers by clicking here.