New Nokia N95-version in the US?

10. August 2007 at 11:47

New N95?

Will there be a new and better version of the N95 for the USA?
What you can see here is the official sales flyer for the US 3G Nokia N95. There are some very hot things about it:
At first, it finally has US 3G – HSDPA. It’s 850/1900, so you can reach on AT&T’s HSDPA network speeds up to 3.6 mbps.

Second, the battery. There will be a new battery, with 1200 mAh! The Nokia BL-6F gives the Nokia N95 the power, it so desperately needs. 1200 mAh – that´s even more than in the N73 with 1100 mAh.
Third, it will come with a 1GB MicroSD card. And it´ll become a black backside! That´s very hot i think. But it´s not the rumoured N95 8GB, which is also black.
Last, but not least Darla Mack got the scoop that it’s been increased to 128MB of RAM!

So, here you can see the official flyer (click to enlarge):

N95 US-flyer

Here are the things who has changed in comparision with the European N95:

– LED-flash is on the left side of the camera
– mechanical camereprotection removed (or maybe changed into automatical cameraprotection?)
– black backcover
– 128MB RAM
– 1200 mAh Battery (Nokia BL-6F)
– 1GB MicroSD card in the box
– special music-keys updated

– LED-flash is under the camera
– “Deep Plum” or “Sand” backcover
– 64MB RAM
– 950 mAH Battery (Nokia BL-5F)
– 512MB MicroSD card in the box
Source: Symbian-Guru