Nokia World 2009: Teaser Video and new Information

12. July 2009 at 20:25

This year’s Nokia World is taking place in Stuttgart from September 2nd until 3rd. As this date is coming closer everyday Nokia has updated the official Nokia World page and included further information as well as a nice teaser video. The agenda and the speakers list have been updated. More over, they say that at Nokia World 09, you will benefit from having a Nokia email account which you can create here. We from SymbianWorld will be live in Stuttgart and bring you all information, pictures and voices from the Nokia World.

At the heart of Nokia is the way in which we connect people together, when and wherever they choose. From talking to loved ones over distances, to experiencing rich multimedia and the internet with an advanced multipurpose device.

Nokia World 09 will be a dynamic experience, co-created by the community, arranged by Nokia and focused on developing new business opportunities. We offer products, services and solutions that connect communities, help realise potential, entertain and celebrate people’s lives. Together we can explore these possibilities and come together to help define and drive the future of our industry.