Nokia N78 Receives New Firmware v30.014

15. July 2009 at 04:39

Firmware season continues with more Nokia devices being given new firmwares. It is always good to see a company providing updates for their devices on a regular basis. Nokia never fail on this point and has just released a new firmware for the Nokia N78 taking it up to version 30.014. The update should be available via NSU or alternatively you can use the new Nokia Ovi Suite. It usually takes a while for the new firmware to show up on FOTA (Firmware Over The Air), so if you’re a little impatient when it comes to updates then head to your PC and start upgrading. As always we recommend updating the firmware as they are usually designed to fix bugs and enhance the device. The N78 should have UDP (User Data Preservation) but it is always a good idea to back up the data on your device before updating. No changelog as of yet so post your comments on any changes you experience and we will hopefully provide a detailed list of changes soon.