Ovi Files Is Finally Free

18. July 2009 at 18:13

Nokia have finally announced that Ovi Files is officially a free service. When Ovi Files originally launched it cost around €6.99 a month for a 10GB storage space (varied depending on size and duration). Due to unknown reasons (maybe poor uptake), Nokia have decided to allow users to sign up for free.

Ovi Files lets you remotely access photos, music and documents that are stored on your home computer from your mobile phone. You can browse, search and view photos, automatically resized for your mobile phone and there is no need to plan ahead or upload the data to a website. You’re simply accessing your entire computer directly from your handset.

You can also browse, search and view Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word and many other types of files stored on your computer without the need of installing new applications. Ovi Files also lets you download music from your computer straight to your phone on the go, so there is no need to sit around waiting, physically connected to your computer, as the music is transferred.

You can also send any file from your computer directly to your friend’s handset. Simply choose which folders and files you want to be available, and Ovi Files automatically keeps an up-to-date copy stored in a secure ‘Anytime Files’ online storage locker for access anytime.

To use Ovi Files, you’ll need a computer with an Internet connection and Internet access on your mobile phone. If your mobile service provider offers it, we recommend that you make sure you have an ‘unlimited’ flat-rate data plan.