R.I.P: My damaged N95

20. August 2007 at 19:51

I wanted to relax in my vacation. However my vacation were horrible. On the second day of my vacation something really horrible happens. I was playing Snake and suddenly the screen turns green, blue and than black. After a restart it was totally black. That was a disaster for me – I wanted to look movies on my N95 and go to the Internet but that was not possible. Some days after the tragedy I turn my N95 on and the screen works but only till I press a softkey, navikey or any other key from the upper part of theN95.I thing the contact between the grafic-chip and the screen is damaged. However, thanks to the multimedia keys I could listen to the music, that was really good for the long journey back to home.

However, when I connect the N95 to my TV, I could see everything on my TV. So, unfortunately I have to bring my N95 to the next NSC. Now I have no N95 or any other smartphone for the next 4 weeks.