Have Your Say – Symbian UI Brainstorm Blog

27. July 2009 at 15:16

Symbian Foundation has just set up a Symbian UI Brainstorm blog in order to improve particular aspects of the user interface on Symbian devices. What they are asking for is for users to send visual suggestions on where and how the Symbian interface can be improved. So that one thing you always wished you could have different, nows your chance to write in and have your say… There are a few good suggestions already up and I’m sure there will be many more flooding in soon.

This site is a user interface (UI) brainstorm, where visual sketches of your suggestions will be shared. Text can be included in the sketches, but the blog is meant to be nearly all visual. It was inspired by the Gimp UI Brainstorm. As a proper brainstorm, no comments or trackbacks are supported on this blog.

Email me with your suggestions and once I get a chance to look them over, I’ll post them here.


Scott Weiss
UI Technology Manager
Symbian Foundation

Source: IntoMobile