iSearch – a web search launcher for S60 5th Edition

28. July 2009 at 22:54

iSearch - a web search launcher for S60 5th Edition have launched a new widget which helps you finding videos, pictures, tweets or websites easily. Here you can download the widget for your Nokia N97, 5530, 5800 and Samsung I8910 HD. In case that you like it please feel free to donate.

What does it do and how?

iSearch speeds up the task of searching for stuff on the mighty Internet. Type a word to search for and click the service of your choice and the widget launches the phone’s browser and loads the result. The widget remembers the last thing that you searched for and displays it in the text box when you start the widget next time.

TIP! To make searching even faster you can set one of the services as default so that when you hit the ‘Enter’ key on the keyboard the widget launches the search right away. You set the default by clicking the ‘Enter’ symbol on the right end of the buttons.


Quickly launch searches for

  • web sites  google, bing
  • images  google, flickr
  • video  youtube
  • tweets  twitter
  • facts  wikipedia
  • dictionary  definr
  • more services will be added according to users wishes


  • N97 homescreen support – just a big button, a limitation of the homescreen
  • remembers the last search
  • user definable default service


Via: Symbian60