US 3G Nokia N95 gets FCC approval

21. August 2007 at 12:54

US 3G N95US 3G N95

Very busy days for the people at FCC labs. Today just another version of the N95 was approved by FCC. It is the North American version of the Nokia N95, symbianworld has reported about it some days ago.

So, there are no big updates to the European N95´s, but still a few improvements. There will be no camera-protection and the special music-keys will get a update, that you can press them better and get a better feeling while pressing them.

New Slider?

Huh, what´s that? A big gap beetween the biottom and the slider. I hope that the slider is improved.

New mediakeys

Oh, very nice. New mediakeys. I hope they will feel better, than the mediakeys of the European N95.

Source: wirelessinfo