Motion Commotion

15. August 2009 at 05:00

As you all know I’ve had the Nokia N86 8MP for about a month now, and I’m currently working on the final part of the review. However today I want to share some of the interesting features I found regarding the built in motion sensor. A few well acknowledged features include the ability to auto-rotate the screen, use the device as a control during gaming, and of course, silence calls and snooze alarms, by simply flipping the device over during the alert. However, whilst browsing the internet on the N86 at night, I found a few nifty little features.

When the device is in the horizontal position and the T9 keypad showing, the backlight for the keypad automatically switches off, recognising that these keys will not be needed. Moreover once the device is upright again, the keypad naturally lights back up, very nice aesthetics.

Also when the handset is sat minding its own business on your desk and the screensaver has kicked in, by picking the device up without pressing any buttons at all, it manages to identify that you have moved it, and it automatically turns the screensaver off, bringing you back to the home screen or whichever previous screen you were viewing at the time. This is a little touch and go, as there were many times when it didn’t happen.

If you have discovered any other features with regards to the motion sensor, please comment and let us know, more importantly let the SymbianWorld fans know.