I’ve been tagged: 5 blogs I read

22. August 2007 at 16:56

Michell Bak and Tarek , two really cool guys, tagged me. Meme aka. 5 blogs I read is kind of a blog game. This one is about naming 5 blogs one reads – each from a different country. However, the hard thing about it is that you haven`t to tag people who have aleady tagged you.

 Here the rules:

– name 5 blogs in different countries that you read
– tag 5 blogger

I tag:

Michael Hell at The Nokian Blog (Austria)

Richard G at WOM World (UK)

Ricky Cadden at Symbian-Guru (USA)

Gregory Taieb at Symbianfrance (France)

Apoc at Symbian-freak (Croatia)