Where’s Christian?

20. August 2009 at 11:23

Some of you may have noticed that I, Christian Titze, haven’t written an article since March this year. This has several reasons. One reason is that I’m very busy with school these days and so I don’t have much time to write reviews, trial gadgets and write news and tutorials here on Symbian World.
Another major reason is Nokia itself.

Now you’ll maybe think “why?” – okay, here’s the answer: In the year 2007, 2 years ago, Nokia has released the N95, a device which had everything you could have believed of. That was so 2007. At the same time Apple has introduced its iPhone, a device which has been changing the whole smartphone-market in a way nobody thought of two years ago. So in the past two years all the phone-manufacturers tried to build a device which is as good as the iPhone, nowadays almost every smartphone has a touchscreen.

Nokia was one of the last manufacturers who released a modern touchscreen smartphone. They started entering the mass-market with the 5800 XpressMusic. No doubt, this phone was a huge success. It has a low price and great features combined in a modern design.

But what happened to the high-end devices like the N95? Of course this device needed a worthy successor. With the N97 Nokia tried to build such a successor. They combined all the features a multimedia-user wants to have in his or her device. With a full QWERTY-keyboard in a multimedia-device they made a step into the right direction. But except of a touchscreen and a QWERTY-keyboard nothing has changed in comparison with the N95, which was released two years ago. But nowadays the people want a Xenon-flash in their phones, a nice UI and of course great hardware in a well built housing.
Nokia is still facing the same problems with the build-quality of their devices as two years ago and many users of the N97 are telling about problems with the GPS, etc.

Meanwhile at Apple: In June this year they have announced the new iPhone, called iPhone 3G S. Not much has changed compared to the original iPhone 2G. Now it has a crappy 3.2 Megapixel camera with autofocus and VGA video-recording and still no kind of a flash. It doesn’t even have a second camera on the front for video-calls and you can’t send data via bluetooth. The materials which are used for the housing are very cheap and the backside and the chromed side of the front are getting ugly and scratched by just looking at them.
But for some reasons people are buying the iPhone. The keyword here definitely needs to be “simplicity”. All the features are just working. You won’t have a problem with your phone and if you update your phone to the latest firmware it will be the same as before, you won’t have to install the applications again or do something like that. The other reason is the user-interface. Apple has a great UI and you don’t need to search the menu for special settings – you will just find them. Browsing the internet with an iPhone is just great, no other device has such a great and fast internet-browser.

Nokia doesn’t have this “simplicity” and they’re using an ugly interface on their devices. This is why many people don’t like Nokia any longer. If the N97 would have the simplicity, a new UI and better internet-experience more people would buy it. Nokia, just make your devices more user-friendly and the people will buy them.

I have sold my N95 and bought the new iPhone 3G S. As a real Symbian- and Nokia- freak it was a hard decision and I first thought of buying the N97, but because of the above mentioned reasons I have chosen the iPhone. If Nokia will announce a new device which has a new UI, more “simplicity”, faster web-browsing and great hardware I will make the switch back to Nokia. If they won’t, I will remain with Apple.