N-Gage: Space Invaders “Easter Egg” Inside Reset Generation

26. August 2009 at 20:11

Reset Generation may be one of the older N-Gage Games thats currently available on the platform, however new features, or secrets, still seem to appear and this time its in the form of a “Space Invaders” mini-game inside the “Reset Generation” N-Gage game itself.

As most of you are aware Reset Generation is a “Nod” (or a thank you) to all the greatest gaming icons in the past few years, such as Pokemon, Halo, Warcraft, Star Wars, Mario, Sonic, Bomberman and Space Invaders, as the characters that feature in the reset generation game are the likeness of those characters from their own respective games (Plumber = Mario for example).

Well a hidden easter egg has been found by N-Gage Arena player Yakia, where if you press

“Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right”

On the main menu, a hidden “easter egg”, in this case the space invaders mini-game will automatically appear and start – the same rules apply in this mini-game as they would in a proper space invaders game, except you only get one life.

People who have played Reset Generation will know that the “Aggressor” is a remake of a space invader, hence why the space invaders are replaced by different coloured Aggressor’s.

Another thing to mention is that the code works on both the PC Version and the N-Gage Version of the game, and if you look closely the code used to unlock the space invaders game is similar to the original Konami Code used on several of Konamis old games (such as Contra).

Its a nice thing to include into an “already” popular game – not to mention space invaders is easily playable by anyone. The question remains is, how long has this “hidden feature” been in Reset Generation and why has no-one ever found it until now? – Either way enjoy your little “bonus” feature.