N-Gage: Guitar Hero World Tour Mobile – Now Available

27. August 2009 at 22:24

After 2 months of no new games the N-Gage Marketplace has sprang back into life with 2 new games, as last week saw the release of Tomb Raider Underworld (which is very similar if not the same to the Symbian version released last november), while this week see’s the release of one of my console (and arcade) favourites, Yes-Guitar Hero has arrived on N-Gage!

Guitar Hero World Tour “Mobile” is now available to download on the N-Gage Application (Marketplace) via your phone (the N-Gage showroom on the website is still listing as “Coming Soon” since its only just been released, however it will soon be available on the PC Showroom in the next few days).

The Game is supposed to be very similar to the Symbian version released a few weeks ago, but is supposed to be more “responsive” and easier to play – not to mention looking slightly better.
However i can not comment as my N96 will not download games from the N-Gage Application on the phone, so im going to have to wait (unlucky me) until i can download it from the PC Showroom.

Guitar Hero World Tour Mobile is now available and retails at 6 GBP – Which for a 3rd party n-gage game is cheap. Rock Hard fellow gamers!