Nokia N97 2.0 Firmware: Video and Information

6. September 2009 at 20:19

DSCF2333During Nokia World 2009 Nokia announced that they are soon going to splash out a new 2.0 Firmware update for the Nokia N97. This update is definitely worth the mention as it is bringing a host of new features, many improvements and several bug fixes, that will change the way you use your device.The update is due to roll out either mid/end of October and will initially be available via NSU (Nokia Software Update). The new firmware will then later appear over the air via FOTA (Firmware Over The Air).

DSCF2083 by you.

Usability Improvement

  • Kinetic Scrolling: Allowing kinetic scrolling in the menu, contacts, and other applications with long lists
  • More Space: The new memory allocation brings around 20-30MB more space for applications and themes
  • Visually enhanced Music Player and Photo Menu
  • Improved accessibility to Symbols and Numbers: Holding a key for 1 seconds will activate the alternative character, no need to press the blue key first

New Experiences

  • New Homescreen Widgets: CNN, MySpace, ESPN, Elle and more have now been added
  • Newer Version of Ovi Maps: More features and a new service menu
  • Voice UI Improvements: Support for Voice over IP

These are just some of the highlights of the new 2.0 Firmware for the Nokia N97. Many more changes and improvements are still yet to come, such as new transition effects and increased stability. This is also the first firmware update Nokia have ever announced with such hype, and critics may argue that this is nothing but a simple update, however I believe the update will completely change the feel and usability of the device, giving the N97 a new birth. As pictures say more than 1000 words this video will show you everything you need to know: