Nokia N97 – Unboxing Pictures

10. September 2009 at 13:33

P1000357 by you.

After four months of waiting i finally managed to get ahold of (for myself) a black Nokia N97 and even though it is pritty big, but not as big as an iphone, i am still very impressed with it. So to celebrate (me finally getting one) i decided to post a few pictures of it for everyone to see – as seeing the same old “stock” shots do get bery boring.

The photographs were taken on a Panasonic DMC-FS3 Digital Camera at 8 Megapixel resolution, the only downfall i have with these pictures is that some “close-ups” make the picture and phone look very dark, when in fact its a light “coal” shade of black instead of a solid black colour. Either way, enjoy the pictures.

The Box & Its Contents:

P1000342 by you.

P1000343 by you.

P1000344 by you.

P1000345 by you.

P1000346 by you.

Inside the Box i recieved the following Items:

* 1x Nokia N97 Handset (Black)
* 1x Nokia Battery
* 1x Nokia N97 Stylus Pen
* 1x Nokia USB Charger Adaptor
* 1x Nokia Charger
* 1x Nokia USB Adaptor
* 1x Nokia Headphone Adaptor
* 1x Nokia Headphones
* 1x Nokia Speakers (Exclusive To Vodafone Contract N97’s)
* 1x Nokia Screen Cloth
* 1x Nokia OVI Suite CD
* Several Manuals

The Phone itself:

P1000348 by you.

P1000356 by you.

P1000365 by you.

P1000354 by you.

P1000355 by you.

P1000358 by you.

Web Browser:

P1000363 by you.


P1000367 by you.

Comparison to Other Nokia Touch-screen phones:

P1000359 by you.

(From left to right) Nokia 5530, Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97.

The Black box on the N97 is where the internet based content “BBC Iplayer” would be (if i was connected to the internet) but since i wasnt connected it just displays a black box, all the content on the front screen can be changed and alterted in any way, so now ive gone for the basic casual blank style look.