N93i: My first impressions

28. August 2007 at 18:44

I have the N93i now since Friday and I really like this great device – thanks WOMWorld. It’s a phone, a camera and a computer. However, due to I’ll post a review in a week, I can’t post all my impressions yet. Anyway, let’s go:

Built quality:


My latest device was the N95 and you all know that it wasn’t really stable but the N93i is something special – it’s solid like a rock! It feels good in my hand although it’s bigger than other smartphones. This large mirror-backed screen looks excellent and nobly. The only think I don’t like is the keypad. It looks good, just like the keypad of the N76 and the Razr. However, design is not all and SMS-freaks won’t love it. The flipsystem is really good, it’s cool to switch from portrait- to landscapemode. I’m just afraid that the flipsystem probably can break or don’t work after a year.

If you ask me, the N93i is a computer 1.0! The webbrowser is nearly identical to that of the N95. If you connect the N93i to a TV, it’s a pleasure to surf in the web, watch podcast or to chat. The only think I miss is the comparability to flash-videos like youtube, but this is impossible till now.


The camera resolution is only 3.2 megapixel but I love it nevertheless. I always wanted a device with optical zoom and with a such great camera handling like the N93i. The N93i looks like a camcorder and the pictures and videos taken with the N93i are really good.You can use the flash also as a torch what I really like.
Unfortunately I have no headset so that I only can judge the mono speakers. The N95 has good stereo speakers, the change from N95 to N93i was hard. The quality isn’t so good and the speaker placed wrong. Often my finger cover the speaker. However, the musicplayer is clearly, you can see the title and artist. The use of this player is easy and works also when the N93i is closed – you can change the title and volume. The musicplayer offers you also a equaliser, with differnt modes.

The battery the N93i use is the BL-5F which has 950 mAH. I have to charge the N93i 1 or even 2 times a day ( using W-lan, music etc.) . To show you, how long the battery-life is, I`ll post a batterylog in the next days.