N-Gage: Dirk Dagger And The Nuclear Zeppelin Now Available!

2. October 2009 at 18:26

Last week Dirk Dagger And The Nuclear Zeppelin was added to the “Coming Soon” section of the N-Gage Showroom, now today (or late last night) the game has been uploaded onto the N-Gage Servers for us to download. Thats right Dirk Dagger 2 has finally landed and is available for purchase via the N-Gage Application on your phone.

Developed by Jadestone and published by Nokia, Dirk Dagger is a detective, and this time he is on the run – The murder of New Heaven’s favorite Mayoral candidate sees Dirk Dagger framed and on the run, so its now up to you (and maybe some help from your old dead fly-buddy) to solve the case – because Dirk will need all the help he can get.

The Game features your standard “high-score leaderboards” aswell as a welcome return of the “Camera Control system” where instead of pressing the d-pad to move around the room, you use the camera on the phone so it feels like your actually inside the game.

The game costs £6, which seems to be the new “standard” for N-Gage games nowadays and you can download the trial version of the game here, or you can visit the official game page here.