New Texting While Driving Study Finds 1/3 of US Drivers Text While Driving

4. October 2009 at 19:53

The electronics shopping site released a really interesting but also shocking study. They asked a panel of online individuals about their use of mobile devices in the car. What they found was not very surprising but no less alarming.

The Gadgetology study revealed that 34% of respondents said they text, use Facebook, or Twitter while driving furthermore, over 7% of all respondents said they do it frequently.

How often do you text/twitter/check-facebook while driving?

Seniors are Safer
Florida car insurance agents may have a different perspective on this, but at least where texting is concerned, seniors might be less of a danger to other drivers than juniors. The Gadgetology report shows 16% of drivers under the age of 25 are very active social media users while driving while 94% of drivers over the age of 55 say they never text or check one of the social media sites while driving.

How often do you text/twitter/check-facebook while driving? (by Age)

Blame it on the Bad Apples

Smartphone owners and particularly iPhone owners are much more likely to be texting and checking in on Facebook or Twitter while driving. An alarming 15% of iPhone owners say they’re reading and writing on their iPhones frequently while driving. Blackberry owners come in second with 9% while 83% of non-smartphone owners say they never engage in driving while texting.

Those Male Drivers
Not only do men not ask for directions but they seem to be less safe drivers than women when it comes to texting. The study found that more men than women are tapping away on their cell phones while driving. The difference is only slight but the data shows 8% of men in our study said they text and check Facebook or Twitter frequently compared to 7% of the women.