N-Gage: Mega Monsters Now Available!

14. October 2009 at 23:27

14/10/2009 by you.

The N-Gage Application showroom has recently been updated today with Firemints N-Gage Debut of Mega Monsters.

Mega Monsters is an arcade style game, in tribute to the arcade classic “RAMPAGE!” where the player takes control of giants monsters and wreak havoc across fully destructible enviroments.

This N-Gage game also features online (N-Gage Arena) Multiplayer for up to 2 players, who will battle it out against each other to cause the most damage.

Not only has the game been released onto standard N-Gage Compatible devices but Mega Monsters is also available to download on the N97, which seems at the minute, to be not getting much attention with new releases until now.

The game itself has a download size of 20mb, and an installed size of 23mb – so yet again its one of the “bigger installed” N-Gage games – espically compared to a few of the older titles. The Game costs £8 for the full version, so its one of the most expensive titles that has recently been released or a 1 day trial is available at £1.50.

At the moment the game is only available on the N-Gage Application (via your phone), however the Game-page on the N-Gage Website (which can be seen here) is up and it should have the download available in the next few days.