N95 vs. N93i vs. Kodak Z740

4. September 2007 at 18:20

The mobiles become better and better and also their cameras become better. However, are real cameras still better than mobiles or can mobiles like the N93i and the N95 replace them? This test will answer this question!


N95 :

The N95 has a big 5 Megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics. Unfortunately the N95 doesn’t have optical zoom and only a LED.


3.2 Megapixel with Carl Zeiss optics and a 3x optical zoom – that is the N93i.

Kodak Z740:

The Kodak has everything for perfect pictures: 5 Megapixel, a huge lens and 12x optical zoom.

Kodak N93i
100_6339 Image111

The picture of the Kodak is the best. The picture is shape and the colors are strong. Howerver, all in all you can read on all 3 pictures the most important things.

Kodak N93i
100_6303 Image120

The colors of all 3 pictures are different. The N93i is really pale and not so good as the Kodak.

Kodak N93i
100_6306 Image122
Kodak N93i
100_6302 Image117

The automode of all 3 devices used the flash. The picture of the N95 looks most natural. Unfortunately is the LED of the N93i not strong enough to capture good pictures in bad light conditionals.

Kodak N93i
100_6301 Image114
Kodak N93i
100_6331 Image134

It’s zoom time! The Kodak and N93i have a optical zoom so that the picture is really sharp. Amazing, the picture of the N95 also looks good, it’s different to see that the N95 works with a digital zoom.

The Kodak makes the best pictures. All pictures are sharp and the colours are strong. The flash is really useful and makes also great pictures in dark areas. Second places goes to the N95. The pictures of the N95 are good.Unfortunately some pictures of the N95 are not sharp enough. However all in all is the N95 a good camera replacement for people who need their camera for snapshots. Last but not least the N93i what really disappoints me. The pictures are really pail and aren’t sharp enough. The only plus-point is the optical zoom. So, if you need a camera for a important day (e.g. wedding) it would be better to use a digital camera. Mobiles are good for snapshots but nothing more.