N81:About Pop4Real

19. September 2007 at 12:22

Till August the 29 I didn’t knew Pop4Real. This all changes on the Nokia Virtual Event. Pop4Real sang the cool and funny N81 song. The song deals with the love to the beautiful N81. Here a quotation which shows the love to the N81 : ”My love is wireless like your internet I know for certain you’re the best thing yet”. However today I receive a packet from WOMWorld (thank you) with some cool gifts. One of the gifts was a autographed Pop4Real CD.

About Pop4Real:

The band Pop4Real was founded in the early 90’s as a part of the boy band craze and had numerous #1 singles within the sub genre ‘spons pop’. Producer and manager Aaron Spector brought together six young men to form the now legendary constellation who are here again with the new single’N81′

Pop4Real facts:

Name: Pop4Real

Since: 1991

Members: Nicky, Haans, B-Rude Piz, Hop, John-John, Bruce.

Manager Aaron Spector

Hit singles: N81, Mit it up, C.O.R.N

Website: Pop4Real.com