Reasons why to buy a N95 8Gb

21. September 2007 at 19:11

N95 or N95 8GB, that’s the question. A lot N95 user are thinking about buying the new N95 8GB which got a lot new improvements. If you don’t know why you should spent 600€ for a new Nseries device, are here some reason why to do that.

Main reasons:

8GB internal memory:
The N95 8GB has, like the name already says, 8GB internal memory. Now you can save about 2000 (4 Mb per song) songs or other data on your N95 8GB. Okay, 8GB microSD cards will be available for the N95 in some month, but if you bear in mind that such a big memory card makes your phone slower, it’s better to take the N95 8Gb.

Bigger screen:
The N95 8GB has a huge 2.8” display in QVGA resolution. A grow of 0.2” which you can really see. Nokia had redesigned the whole upper slider to place a bigger screen. Now you can enjoy your favorite Videos, podcast, pictures or other things on the huge 2.8’’ display.

Stronger battery:
Faster, better, stronger – that seems to be the new slogan of the N95 8GB. It has now a stronger 1200 mAh battery which is one of the importantly improvements Nokia mades. The original N95 has a 950 mAh battery which is to less for a multimedia device. As a multimedia user you use the GPS, W-Lan, camera and the mucicplayer.

More Ram:
82MB RAM after Boot, that is a big improvement.The N95 has only 20MB RAM after boot which is to less for for a multimedia phone. The 82MB RAM are enough to run the musicplayer and the internetbrowser at the same time.

Other reasons:

Blistered multimediakeys

New multimedia menu

Better built quality