For Your Ears Only: Stop Music on your S60 5th Editon Phone

7. November 2009 at 21:12

07.11.2009 07.11.2009

How often have you accidentally disconnected your headset from your phone? This is really annoying, especially when the music is disturbing others around you. Now we found a useful application that will stop the music as soon as you disconnect the headset. ‘For Your Ears Only’ is a simple application so it has no fancy UI. Rather it’s a prototype that should be implemented in further devices. Unfortunately ‘For Your Ears Only’ does not have an autostart function. Nonetheless, if you have this problem from time to time you should install this freeware application. It works on all S60 5th Edition devices such as the Nokia N97, 5800 XM, 5530XM and all other.

For Your Ears Only

5800 SmartTouch