Nokia N97 & N97 mini | The problems with the Music Player search

18. November 2009 at 16:06

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The latest firmware update for the Nokia N97 brought many new features and changes. However, not all changes have improved the experience and usability of the device. One of which is the new search function in the music player.

For all of you who haven’t noticed it or have not yet updated your handset, I’ll start from scratch and explain the problems. With the old search function you could enter the word ‘love’ for example, and you got a lists of the all songs containing the word ‘love’, either in the title or author’s name.

However now, with the new v20 firmware and also on the Nokia N97 mini, when you enter the word ‘love’ you only get a match with the first word in the title of the song. So, you end up getting a really limited search result which isn’t much use at all.

18/11/2009 by you.

Take the following  example:

I want to listen to a song of which I only know that the title contains the world ‘diamonds’. I will never find the song ‘Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds’ by searching ‘diamonds’ as ‘diamonds’ is the last word in the title.

18/11/2009 by you.

More over there is another issue with the search functionality when you want to edit the search term. Once you have entered your word, you can’t edit it and if you try do to so by pressing the clear/delete button, you will be asked whether you want to delete the song instead.

These are some major bugs in the software and not how the search functionality should work. The N97 offers 32GB storage, essentially for music, and you can store thousands of songs on it. Without a proper search option, the music experience is spoiled and leaves the end user browsing through extensive lists to find the desired  song to play. I really hope that Nokia send out an update to solve this issue soon, as it is so much easier to use an mp3 player at the moment.