Maemo to replace Symbian?

18. November 2009 at 14:47

When Nokia was announcing the Nokia N900 they automatically started an internal battle and a big discussion. Now, this discussion seems to reach its peak.  According to Maemo’s Marketing Team, Symbian will not power any high-end Nseries devices by 2012.  Instead, Nokia will use Maemo to run all flagship devices. Thus it seems that Nokia is dropping Symbian and that Symbian is doomed to dead. However,  I would not call it so, rather Nokia is expanding its portfolio and reorienting themself. Without a doubt, Symbian is old and not as fresh as Maemo and Android. Nevertheless, Symbian is running as stable as no other OS does. Other than that Symbian^4 is just arround the corner which is ways fresher and younger.  Nokia said that they are indeed following a multiplatform strategy and that Symbian is aimed for the mass marked while Maemo really focus on the tech-savy audience. So they are offering the customer a bigger choice and can address even more people.