Nokia N97 Mini: How good is the Dual LED?

28. November 2009 at 13:20


The Nokia N97 Mini has a 5-megapixel camera on it’s back. In good light conditions it takes decent pictures. The question however is, how good the camera and Dual LED work in darkness. In order to answer this question we took some pictures with the N97 Mini. Furthermore, we compared it with a standalone camera to show you the difference between a mobile phone and a standalone camera:

(left: Nokia N97 Mini right: Fujifilm FinePix S5800 | click to enlarge)

18112009073 DSCF3027




So far the N97Mini is doing a good job whereby you already see that the pictures are becoming darker and darker.



Game over! 3-4 meters are simply too much for the N97 Mini. You just see the contours while the standalone camera brings perfect results.



However, as you can see, the bright light of the camera has also its downside. In some cases it’s simply to bright. The N97 Mini however, delivers good results



Of course, there is a difference when taking pictures indoors or outdoors. Indoors you have walls that reflects the flash. You see, that N97 Mini’s Dual LED have absolutely no chance outdoors.

The bottom line is, that N97 Mini’s Dual LED delivers good pictures to a certain extend. Within three meter the pictures turn out fine. Everything above that is to much for the Mini. Outside the N97 Mini is even more inferior.