N95 vs. N93i: Videoquality

30. September 2007 at 17:42

Two weeks ago I compare the picture quality of the N95 and of the N93i. However this comparison was a little bit unfair due to the different of the cameras (5 vs. 3.2 megapixel). Now I want to compare the video quality of these two phones. Both of them are recording videos in VGA quality with 30 frames per second. For this comparison I have recorded some videos with both of them, edit them and uploaded them to Youtube and Blip.tv .Here we go:

Here on blip.tv 


Here on blip.tv 

Both devices are really good and I would use the N95 and also the N93i as my personal camcorder but only one can win and that’s the N95. First of all is the sound of the N95 better and louder. In addition you can hear really often a ”click” when you record videos with the N93i. Only if it’s a little bit windy is the sound of the N95 really bad. Beside that are the colours of the N95 a little bit brighter and not as pale as the N93i colour’s. However what’s about the sharpness? That’s really difficult because both deives are really good but in my opinion is the N95 a little bit better. What do you think? Which device is better?