Nokia and Symbian in 2010 | Sneak Peak

3. December 2009 at 17:47

nokia conceptAt the Nokia Capital Markets Day Nokia revealed and showed how Symbian will look like next year. Apparently Nokia learned that the UI is the most important element of a smartphone. It isn’t much we got to see but that what we saw looks really good and innovative. Finally Multi touch as well as single tap will be added. More over, the Internet experience will be improved due to kinetic scrolling with 60fps instead of 15 and better flash support. Other than that  simplicity is also a key factor. Thus it will be easier to create a new email account (2 instead of 4 clicks) or to jump to your favorite music. In terms of the UI’s speed it be 3 times faster. Nokia said that they will deliver these major changes in two steps. Fist, we can expect the first package before midyear and the second in winter 2010. All in all these are major milestone for this truly open operation system.