Multiscanner on the Nokia E72: Card Reader & Text Scanner

27. August 2010 at 18:06

DSCF3359One of my favorite applications on the Nokia E72 is the Multiscanner. This application is pre-installed and can be found in the office folder. Using the Multiscanner you can scan a text or business cards which your phone will analyze and save it in another form of text.

After scanning a business card it will take all the relevant information and will create a new contact. Thus you don’t need to create a new contact manually but just scan the business card. Especially after conferences where you usually get tons of business cards this application may help you out. No doubt, this will speed up the whole procedure after as conference.


Of course this application isn’t perfect and there occurred mistakes from time to time so that you should check if the scanned information is correct or at the proper place.


Other than that you can also scan text documents and save the text as a note, e-mail, text and multimedia message, and sometimes books. Similar to the card reader you cannot expect 100% correct results here. Nonetheless I really like this application and I look forward to see it in even more phones.
Currently I can’t find the Multiscanner in Ovi Store, but there’s an alternative for this app. Two that I’ve seen is either DocScanner and Abbyy Business Card Reader which will support wide range of Nokia devices such as N97, 5800, S60v3 and other S60v5.