Nokia DC-11: Power when you need it

31. December 2009 at 13:44

DSCF3454The Nokia DC-11 is charger for on the go that offers you the opportunity to charge up to two devices simultaneously. The Nokia  DC-11 has a silver aluminum body which looks good indeed. However, you should take care of it as scratches come remarkable fast and leave their trace even faster. It weights 94grams and is with it’s dimensions (113×56×11 mm) really slim but still as high and width  as a phone. Nonetheless it slips perfectly in a pocket and is so a handy companion.

Inside the DC-11 there is a 1500mAh battery to provide you with enough power for at least one full charge. However, before you can charge a phone or any other external device you need to charge up the DC-11 via the 2mm charger first. This takes about three hours from empty to full. Apparently the DC-11 doesn’t come with a charger as Nokia assumes that everybody has a 2mm charger at home. All new phones, however, do not come with a 2mm charger so that some DC-11 user need to purchase a 2mm charger first. Once the DC-11 is charged fully up you can start charging external devices such as phones or bluetooth-headsets as long as they have either a microUSB or 2mm port.

DSCF3465 by you.

Along the sides and ends you can find one microUSB cable and one 2mm cable which are wrapped around the length of the DC-11 and slide into the ends securely. So you can charge all new devices ( N900, N97) but also older devices (N95, N93). On the top of the DC-11 there’s nothing but a small LED and the power button. This white LED will flash while it’s being charged or while an external device is being charged. Once it stopped flashing it’ll go over to glow. This means that either the DC-11 or the external device  is charged fully up or that the DC-11 has no juice left.

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The question that came to my mind was why shouldn’t the customer just buy a spare battery for their phone instead of the DC-11. Well, a spare battery has of course its advantages as it’s cheaper and of course smaller. Nonetheless, you need to switch off the phone in order to swap the battery and you can power up only one phone. Whereby the DC-11 can charge multiple phones and also accessories like bluetooth-headsets.

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The DC-11 is priced at about 40€ and can be purchased through or via other online retailers. If your phone runs out of energy during the day the DC-11 is a perfect choice and the hero of the day. It’s not only really efficient but looks also really stylish.