XpressCut: Cut songs on your S60 5th Edition device

6. January 2010 at 20:15

XpressCut Symbian

XpressCut is a simple but powerful application to cut and save songs directly on  your S60 5th Edition phone. Open XpressCut, select a song, set the start tag and the end. Once you pressed the save button it will create a new file and save the song. The quality of the new created file is good and can be send to your friends or can be used as a ringtone. Apparently, XpressCut is based on Phython and requires at least Python version 1.9.7. Install Python first and then XpressCut.

XpressCut v0.15

5800 SmartTouch

Python 1.9.7

5800 SmartTouch v.0.4