New firmware (v7.38.0.2) for Nokia E90 released

18. October 2007 at 18:24

Nokia E90

Nokia has released a new firmware for the Nokia E90 Communicator. The new firmware is v7.38.0.2. As usually it fixes bugs and adds some new features. It´s available over the Nokia Service Updater (NSU) and it´ll come to the official Nokia Service Points (NSC) in the next days.

Changes/improvements made from

(Service Bulletin No. SB-011/17.10.07)

New Features:

* Nokia A-GPS service is global assistance data service for Nokia terminals.It provides assistance data in all countries, so it works world-wide Service utilizes GPRS data connection and OMA Secure User Plan Location (SUPL) protocol for transferring assistance data from assistance data service to terminal. WLAN is currently not supported.
* End-user does not need to configure this service. It is immediately available out-of-the-box
* Service works always when GPRS data connection is available. Also during roaming
* Nokia A-GPS service does not depend on operator services. It just requires GPRS data connection. If assistance data cannot be fetched, then terminal works as plain standalone GPS.
* Nokia A-GPS service improves time to first fix in cold-start situations where GPS receiver has been in power off state when location application is engaged.
* Time to first fix is reduced from 40 seconds-2 minutes to 15-30 seconds range greatly improving end-user experience.
* Faster position calculation with A-GPS reduces power consumption.

Maps 1.2

* Improvements with higher zoom level: capital cities and country borders
* Improved map coloring
* Improved 3D view with horizon
* Map provider name shown
* The data download counter
* Improved GPS indicator
* New improved Options-menu
* Improved nearby search interaction
* Improved Guides UI, better readability and Guide interaction
* New China Maps server with detailed China maps – for China , Hong Kong and Taiwan users
* Local font support in Map display in Preloaded maps (map package with local font support) for China , Hong Kong , Taiwan

New navigation products:

* India – Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore , Delhi , Channai, Hyderabad Adriatic plus – Italy , Greece , Austria (parts), Slovenia , Croatia , Hungary (parts)
* Egypt – Cairo, Alexandria
* Mainland China
* Taiwan/China/HK/Macau
* Updates in current navigation products:
* Latvia , Slovenia , Croatia added to Eastern Europe
* Alaska, Puerto Rico added to USA
* Jakarta added to South East Asia
* Guidance downloadable from Map Loader
* About 50m misaligned map data in SW direction for observed areas in Sydney corrected
* Purchasing Navigation – Re-enter CC details every time Application is used for navigation again, fixed on Openbit server


* Maximum concatenated SMS message amount changed from 10 to 30
* Phone jams while opening a received active note which includes a bookmark and an image
* Mail for Exchange crashed every time with a specific message when opened the message from the Cover UI
* It is not possible to pre-configure the Consumer Push Email service with Vodafone’s settings: E-mail notification
* MMS – Viewing progressive JPG images in QVGA/VGA resolution in PDA display cuts off the image
* Phone doesn’t parse a 3 digit number in SMS, MMS or Email


* Sometimes phone jammed and reset itself when walked out of the WLAN coverage during VoIP call
* Call time during conference call remained always 00:00:01
* Occasionally the UE sticks to 2G while data transfer is ongoing
* Video Telephony: Sending picture is rotated 90 degrees clockwise
* CS DATA: It is not possible to receive a data call in Mode Terminated Transparent and No Transparent, at 2400 bps, 4800 bps and 9600 bps


* Browser stability improved, crashing in many web pages corrected
* Cursor jams sometimes inside the input box in browser
* Download Manager crashes sometimes when downloading large files
* WAP/WEB table row height calculation corrected
* xHTML MP: “multiple” attribute within a “select” element doesn’t work
* Persistent cookies are deleted after power down
* RTSP Redirect Problem: Browser prompts to save ‘RtspTemp’ when opening a stream and crashes the browser


* Preview pane improved to show protected icon for protected media content
* Very slow to browse content folders with DRM protected content
* Problem to play unprotected m4a content fixed
* Music Player: Album cover art is not properly scaled when opening cover
* FTMDv2: In the DRM whitelist, cannot configure static entries for variant
* FTMDv2: When doing a DRM right upgrade, the new RO not added in the ODF
* AMR-WB playing paused in the last 2 sec
* Listening of the FM radio does not succeed after the voice call
* APN change not working if stream is initiated with a SDP file
* Streaming – Unable to stream from
* Java: Expected exceptions not thrown when testing SVGElement class
* Java: Screen saver activate for active program
* Java: An Alert with a long text message is not entirely displayed
* Java: Push registration for SSL and file fails
* Characters are wrongly displayed when key 2 and 3 is pressed in Java midlet

Cover and PDA UI

* Cannot stop/snooze clock alarm on PDA if device is locked
* UI layout problem in Wireless Keyboard application fixed
* Device indicates CB based HZ in GPRS packet transfer mode
* Dual Line SIM – Lines are displayed incorrectly after a message
* The “#” key doesn’t work well during videomail deposit


* WLAN networks with long beacon interval were not always found
* Download over the WLAN stopped occasionally after EAP reauthentication
* WLAN-browsing via A1-hotspot very instable
* Volume adjusting from mobile does not change volume level in Bluetooth headset
* Infrared icon animation fault corrected
* PoC-Weird message is shown in 1to1 session


* The phone does not always recognize automatically the language from the SIM card
* “SIM Card registration failed” note is sometimes shown and a reboot is needed to get back in service
* Certificate of Datamover.sis file updated in Data Transfer (Switch) application
* Start Up Settings fails to configure Viettel network settings
* USAT File Change Notification support added
* MS does not display default APN for Titan Lite Test SIMs
* SMSC is not re-read from SIM after switch on if IMSI has not changed
* BIS 5-click provisioning does not start automatically
* When downloading Visto client, “File Corrupted” error message shown but the file still installs successfully
* UE doesn’t trigger event 6d in Compressed mode
* Very high power consumption for Video call and Audio + Video streaming
* GUSIM SIM Lock error on Vodafone Australia corrected
* Adobe can not follow cover opening


* Localization issues corrected in many applications
* Blackberry client – Installation of the ‘BlackBerry Connect Desktop’ – False spelling of the word ‘Soll”
* Blackberry client – At the device, some Menu options are in different Languages displayed, in German and English Language

Source: Symbian-Freak