The switch from N800 to N95

27. October 2007 at 13:16

It’s time for something new I thought and so I asked Lucy from WOMWorld for an N800. She was so kind and sent me one. I wanted to see how an other OS (Operating System) acting and especially how an other OS , in this case Linux, works with Nokia ( here my N800 review). In the last three weeks I primarily used the N800 – only for calls, pictures and SMS I took my N95 in my hand. However, now is my testperiod over and I want to mention some good and also some bad aspects of the switch. I know that the N95 and the N800 are totally different devices but I try to compare them.
Good aspects


Keypad vs. virtual keypad, what a duel. I was using Pidgin, a good Messenger, on the N800 and it works well. However it’s really strenuous to write the whole time with the pen. Short emails are no problem but IM two hours is damn strenuous. Thanks Bluetooth you can connect a wireless Keypad, like the SU-8W, with the N800. Now I’m happy to use N95’s keypad because now I’m able to write much faster and more easily.

Form factor:

If you compare the N800 to the N95 you can see/feel the huge size and weight different. The N800 weights 206g and the N95 120g only. Okay, you have to bear in mind that the N800 has a huge 4.13” touch-screen but both devices feels really good in the hand. Nevertheless is the N95 much handier and doesn’t fit your pocket like the N800 does.

All in one:
The main difference between these two devices are the features and how they are built in the devices. Unfortunately the N800 has no GSM support and only a VGA camera. The N95, however, combines a 5 megapixel camera, musicplayer, cellphone, GPS and a lot more in a handy device. I wished that the N800 got GSM, GPRS and a better camera.

Internet all the time:
I was in school and wanted to check my emails with the N800 but unfortunately we do not have any W-Lan in school. Using my N95 I can check my emails or surf in the internet everywhere I want. Despite of W-Lan, the N95 offers a lot other ways to go online – HSPDA, UMTS and GPRS.


Bad aspects:


Before I had the N800 in my hands I thought that there is no device with a better browser than the N95. However than I got the N800 and my opinion has changed. The N800 and Opera 8 working perfectly together and in addition with the Flash player 9 it could replace a computer for a few days. You can even watch Flash movies which you can’t watch on the N95.


That’s one of the things I’m gonna miss. The huge 4.13” touch screen is awesome. If you compare the ”little” 2.6” screen of the N95 with the huge one of the N800 you will know why. Besides that is also the resolution much better. N95’s 230 x 320 vs N800’s 800 x 480 pixel – no comment. Due to this huge screen it’s a pleasure to watch movies and also pictures on the N800.

Built quality:
So, if you have both the N95 and N800 devices in your hand you can already feel the built quality of the devices. The N800 has a great built quality. Just the battery cover is a little bit shaking but all in all is the N800 solid like a rock and really nobly. The N95, however, felt cheap at first but the more I used it the more I’m used to it. However the slider is still shaking and got the space at the slider.