How to: Podcast on N and Eseries

31. October 2007 at 10:35

This is a tutorial for podcasting on your Nseries and Eseries device using Nokia’s Podcasting application. Jump over to check out if your phone is supported. You can just watch the tutorialvideo, or read the 4 steps. If you don’t know what podcast is, visit this site to learn more about it.

1. First of all ensure that you have already the Nokia Podcasting application installed. If you haven’t it, just visit or open the Download! application to download Podcasting.

2. Now install and run Podcasting.

3. Before you can start enjoying some podcast, you have to subscribe to some podcast using the search function or select some from Directories.

4. If you found some podcast somewhere else (e.g, just copy the URL, go to Podacast /New podcast and insert the URL of the RSS feed. Now you can enjoy the world of video and audio podcast on your mobile device.

Here a tip, if you have a URL on your computer and you want to copy it to your phone, just create a barcode and scan it with your phone using the barcode reader. This is really easy and fast.

Here are some great podacast, every S60 geek needs on his phone:

Voice of S60

Chatting with the Guru

Smartphones Show

AAS Podcast

Driving with the Guru