Virtual Event: My thoughts

9. November 2007 at 22:29


Tic tac tic tac, that’s the noise of Nokia’s countdown – just 109 hours and 36 minutes left till the big Launch starts. Due to Nokia could not fly every blogger to Finland, they arranged a virtual event once again. You surely remember the huge Go Play event in London the N81 and N95 8GB have been announced. Back than Nokia arranged a virtual event the first time. Bloggers and forum members from all overt the world could watch special videos nobody else had seen and they could chat with the product manager of the N81 and the N95 8GB via Jaiku. I also attend this ‘Go Play’ virtual event and I loved it. All the attendees have been given more information and also some neat gifts. Now, about three month later, Nokia invites bloggers and forum members to attend the second virtual event on 14th.

So, the idea of inviting bloggers and forum members to a virtual event is really nifty. You can talk to product manager, talk about the announced issues via Jaiku and see some nifty videos. Nokia and especially NseriesWOM World are making a lot to stay in touch with bloggers, to thanks them for the work they doing and to support them in their work. I’m not really into the Sony Ericsson, Samsung etc. scene but I never heard of something like that. I think Nokia is on the right way and I wish more communication between consumer, bloggers and the big brands. What do you think about this whole issue?