Guide: Connect To Xbox Live & PSN via a Nokia Phone

23. March 2010 at 16:22

Mobile Phones and Mobile Broadband are very similar things – they run on “mobile signals” and the newer phones try to connect to 3G Data services when making calls and browsing the internet on the phone, which is the same data service that Mobile Broadband users use.

Now you might be thinking “whats that got to do with gaming”, however you can easily use your
Mobile Phone (or even a USB Mobile Broadband dongle) to connect to Xbox live and Playstation
Network, and with that i have made an easy, but effective guide on how to use a Nokia Handset, Nokia PC/OVI Suite software and a Computer to get an Xbox 360 connected to Xbox Live AND a Playstation 3 connected to the Playstation Network – it seems impossible, but it works and the best part about it – it works rather well.

You Will Need The Following:

* Windows Vista / 7 Computer (i was using Windows 7) – should be able to do it on Vista  (or below) aswell
* A Xbox 360 Console
* A Nokia Mobile Phone with USB Modem Function, such as N97, N96, 5800
* Nokia PC Suite / OVI Suite
* Nokia USB Cable (to connect phone to PC)
* Standard RJ-45 Ethernet Cable

Setting Up The Connection on the PC/Laptop/Netbook:

1) Install Nokia PC Suite / OVI Suite
2) Connect phone to PC and install any additional components (automatically download via Windows Update)
3) Go to Control Panel -> Network & Internet -> Network & Sharing Center -> Click on Nokia USB Modem Connection
4) Click on Properties, then click on the Sharing tab
5) Tick the box saying “Allow Other Network Users to Connect Through This Computers Internet Connection” – then under “Home Networking Connection” select “Local Area Connection” – then click OK to apply the settings
6) Load up Nokia PC Suite / OVI Suite and click on the “Connect To Internet” Icon.
7) Nokia PC Suite / OVI Suite will automatically start to dial for Mobile Broadband using your phone as a USB Modem.
8 ) Once connected load up Internet Explorer (to make sure connection is working).

Connecting The Xbox 360 to Xbox Live:

1) Connect the ethernet cable from the Xbox 360 to the PC/Laptop/netbook
2) On The PC/Laptop/Netbook connect to the Internet Via Nokia PC Suite / OVI Suite (if not done so already)
3) On The Xbox 360 Go to System Settings -> Network Settings -> Test Xbox Live Connection (will take a few minutes) – After a few minutes it will say “Xbox Live Is Up & Running”.
4) Sign into Xbox Live as normal (will take a few minutes depending on speed) and everything on Xbox Live will work just as it would on a proper Broadband connection.

Connecting PS3 to Playstation Network:

1) Connect the ethernet cable from the Playstation 3 to the PC/Laptop/Netbook
2) On The PC/Laptop/Netbook connect to the Internet Via Nokia PC Suite / OVI Suite (if not done so already)
3) On the Playstation 3 go to Settings -> System Settings -> Network Settings ->Internet Connection Settings and set the connection to “Ethernet” and continue with the test – eventually it will say the test has completed and that the connection was sucessful
4) Sign into Playstation Network as normal -it will take a few minutes depending on speed – but now everything, such as PSN Store, Friends List, BBC Iplayer on the Playstation network will work as it would on a normal home broadband connection – just slightly slower.

The Guide is just a small demonstration on how to get your games console online (sometimes even playable in decent areas) via your Nokia Handset.