RotateMe v2.0 Beta 3

30. November 2007 at 18:44

My buddy over at Dailymobile shoot me an IM that RotateMe v2 is now available in Beta3. As always is this version for those who donate money for the great work.  Here are some improvements:

  • – Implementation of N95’s API sensor movement (instead of the 5500 one)
  • – Auto-rotation now works also when the phone is inclined (before it was necessary that the phone has to be taken straight)
  • – Auto-Rotation at 90 ° (rather than at 45 °), as on the N82.
  • – Auto-rotation stops when keyboard is locked.
  • – No more rotations unintended while shaking the phone
  • – Enable / disable auto-start
  • – Enable / Disable the auto-rotation with a key combination

If it will not run on your N95, you have to install the Acceleromteter API