Nokia N95 v20.0.015 review (UPDATED)

30. November 2007 at 20:09

before updating…


while updating…


Mission accomplished!


I´m sure you know that there is a new firmware version 20.0.015 for the Nokia N95-1, also known as the classic N95. Today I´ve downloaded this new version and now I´ll bring a little review to you.

The changelog of v20.0.015:

  • New camera software
  • Long press on camera button launches camera if shutter is open
  • New My Nokia SMS tips and mobile web portal system
  • Demand paging with about 30 MB free RAM after booting.
  • Search 4.0 integration on standby screen.
  • N-Gage game previews (FIFA, Asphalt) and portal/shortcut to upcoming N-Gage client
  • Nokia Music Store client
  • Keypress bug gone
  • Music player has a new visualisation
  • Videos usable as ringtones

As you can see there are some very good updates.

Now you will never get a failure message when you open too much applications, the new firmware enables demand paging!

demand paging

Almost 30Mb of free RAM after boot up!

fresh boot up

The new N-Gage platform is also included:


with 2 demo-games “Fifa 07” and “Asphalt 3”:

Fifa, Asphalt

Fifa 07 for the soccer-fans among us:

Fifa 07

The music player menu is in a new order…

Music Menu

The music player itself is in a totally new design:

Music Player

Music Player landscape

the music player got one new visualization called “circles”:


This is how it looks:



finally there is the new version of “Maps” included…



The new camera software makes taking pictures much faster…


and got an update, known from the N82, the raster:


last but not least, the speed of the camera with the new firmware: